Welcome, and thanks for checking out the how to draw a bull tutorial. We’re going for the classic side profile but feel free to switch it up after we’re done and practice different angles and perspectives.

Step 1

The next few steps will be mapping out our underdrawing. Follow along to create the rough shapes that will define our bull. Remember to keep things nice and light so we can erase and redo things as needed.

Bull step 1

Step 2

Bull step 2

Step 3

Bull step 3

Step 4

Bull step 4

Step 5

Bull step 5

Step 6

Bull step 6

Step 7

Now that we have a bunch of random circles, let’s start drawing a rough outline of our bull.

Bull step 7

Step 8

Bull step 8

Step 9

Bull step 9

Step 10

Bull step 10

Step 11

Bull step 11

Step 12

Bull step 12

Step 13

Bull step 13

Step 14

Bull step 14

Step 15

Now that’s a nice bull! Underdrawing is complete, let’s start inking!

Bull step 15

Step 16

Bull step 16

Step 17

Ok, great job. Our outline is now complete, let’s start bringing this guy to life with a little colour.

Bull step 17

Step 18

First, block in the main colour. In this case, were going with classic (almost) black, but bulls come in all sorts of colours so get creative.

Bull step 18

Step 19

Bull step 19

Step 20

Bull step 20

Step 21

Bull step 21

Step 21

A few subtle highlights along the back and on the horns and we are done!

Bull step 22

🎉 Finished Drawing 🎉

How to draw a bull

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