What we will be drawing

Welcome, and thanks for checking out the how to draw a capybara tutorial. This cute little guy shouldn’t be too difficult and it’s a good opportunity to practice your animal proportions and soft shading of the legs and snout.

How to draw a capybara

Step 1

The next few steps will be mapping out our underdrawing. Is it a surprise that we are going to start with a circle? At this point, it shouldn’t be!

Capybara step 1

Step 2

Capybara step 2

Step 3

Capybara step 3

Step 4

Capybara step 4

Step 5

Capybara step 5

Step 6

Capybara step 6

Step 7

Let’s darken our underdrawing and add some details. Capybaras have a pretty square snout so keep that in mind.

Capybara step 7

Step 8

Capybara step 8

Step 9

Capybara step 9

Step 10

Capybara step 10

Step 11

Capybara step 11

Step 12

Capybara step 12

Step 13

Ok, your Capybara is looking great and ready to come to life! Let’s darken up those lines. 😎

Capybara step 13

Step 14

Capybara step 14

Step 15

Capybara step 15

Step 16

Capybara step 16

Step 17

Capybara step 17

Step 18

Capybara step 18

Step 19

Capybara step 19

Step 20

Capybara step 20

Step 21

Capybara step 21

Step 22

Ok, things are looking great, nice job. Now, let’s add a base colour to our little guy. We chose a dark rich brown.

Capybara step 22

Step 23

We added some soft highlights on top of the dark brown, we’re going to make it look like fur in the next step.

Capybara step 23

Step 24

Blend your light layer with some short, fast strokes to give the illusion of fur.

Capybara step 24

Step 25

Capybara step 25

Step 26

Capybaras have a dark snout so let’s add a soft dark brown over the entire snout.

Capybara step 26

Step 27

Also add a soft dark over the eyes, we’ll fix it up a bit later.

Capybara step 27

Step 28

A little highlight is all you need to bring this guy to life. Use your eraser to remove some of the shadow around the eye and again give the illusion of fur.

Capybara step 28

Step 29

Now we can add a light brown along the back and use our fur blending technique to give the illusion of lighter fur along this guy’s back.

Capybara step 29

Step 30

Capybara step 30

Step 31

Capybara step 31

🎉 Finished Drawing 🎉

We can add a little shadow underneath for realism, then you are done, great job! We hope you learned something through this tutorial, even if it was just what the heck a Capybara is! See you next time.

How to draw a capybara

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