What we will be drawing

Welcome, and thanks for checking out the how to draw a spaceship tutorial. This is a pretty simple kind you’d see in a 1950s comic, but it’s a great way to get some practice before you go onto more complex spaceships and space-related stuff.

How to draw a spaceship

Step 1

Let’s start with a surfboard shape and build out our underdrawing from there.

Spaceship step 1

Step 2

Spaceship step 2

Step 3

Spaceship step 3

Step 4

Spaceship step 4

Step 5

Spaceship step 5

Step 6

Spaceship step 6

Step 7

Ok, let’s ink our drawing and get things looking perfect before we add some colour.

Spaceship step 7

Step 8

Assuming our spaceship is made of metal, we can choose a nice grey as our main background colour.

Spaceship step 8

Step 9

Spaceship step 9

Step 10

Spaceship step 10

Step 11

If you’re using Procreate or some other digital drawing tool, you can just use a soft transparent black to add some shadows. The light is coming from the right side so we removed the shadow on that side.

Spaceship step 11

Step 12

Spaceship step 12

Step 13

We know this spaceship has a shiny paint job so let’s add some nice white highlights to make things look glossy.

Spaceship step 13

Step 14

Ok, the body of our spaceship is complete, now let’s add some 🔥🔥🔥🔥.

Spaceship step 14

Step 15

Spaceship step 15

Step 16

Spaceship step 16

🎉 Finished Drawing 🎉

Thanks for following along, we hope you enjoyed creating this vintage spaceship. Maybe we will do another tutorial on a more modern and complex spaceship for the next one. Thanks for reading!

How to draw a spaceship

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