What we will be drawing

Welcome friends, and thanks for checking out the how to draw Wile E. Coyote tutorial. This guy is a legend and an inspiration, he literally never gives up! If you take the same attitude with your art, you will go places.

How to draw Wile E. Coyote

Step 1

We are using Procreate for our drawing so we can access fancy features like a grid, which we will be using for this drawing, to help with our proportions. Let’s map out our underdrawing and get this guy started.

Coyote step 1

Step 2

Coyote step 2

Step 3

Coyote step 3

Step 4

Coyote step 4

Step 5

Coyote step 5

Step 6

Coyote step 6

Step 7

Coyote step 7

Step 8

Coyote step 8

Step 9

Coyote step 9

Step 10

Coyote step 10

Step 11

Coyote step 11

Step 12

Coyote step 12

Step 13

Coyote step 13

Step 14

Coyote step 14

Step 15

Coyote step 15

Step 16

Coyote step 16

Step 17

Coyote step 17

Step 18

Ok, the hard part is done! Now we can ink our drawing and add some colour.

Coyote step 18

Step 19

Coyote step 19

Step 20

First, lay down Wile’s main colour, a nice coyote brown.

Coyote step 20

Step 21

Coyote step 21

Step 22

The ears and face are next, a creamy brown colour.

Coyote step 22

Step 23

Wile has yellow eyes and red around them, I’m guessing it’s from stress? 🤔

Coyote step 23

🎉 Finished Drawing 🎉

Now that’s a good-looking coyote if I’ve ever seen one. If you want to learn how to draw more Looney Tunes characters, let us know on the contact page.

How to draw Wile E. Coyote

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